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Pöydällä (”On the Table”) is a board gaming blog that mainly concentrates on board game reviews. Our aim is to bring something more to the Finnish board gaming scene.

We focus on producing quality articles in Finnish. There are special cases that require us to publish content in English. We do this if there’s a game special enough that doesn’t get the attention it deserves otherwise.

If you want us to write about something in English, just ask. Here’s what we have so far. Hope you enjoy!

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Dale of Merchants board game review in English

Finnish one man game studio Snowdale Design and Dale of Merchants. Dale full of animals competing on entering the legendary Guild of Traders. Honesty pays, but not enough for these eager animal folk who all have their...


Prototyyppailua: Scythe

Scroll to the bottom of the post for english! Päivitys: Scythe on saanut kokopitkän arvostelun Pöydällä blogissa, joka on ilmestynyt 29.8.2016. Lue se tästä. Stonemaier Gamesin (Viticulture, Euphoria) uusin tulokas, Scythe on aiheuttanut erittäin suurta...